Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Half Time Report

June is the 6th month of 12, so lets take a collective half time report of our year. Are we on track with our goals? If we were coaches, of our teams, in the locker room, would we be praising and pushing on or would we be screaming like Al Pachino right about now? Bloglistically speaking, at this point, I have exactly as many blog posts at the halfway point of the year, than I did in all of 2009. And with all the unfinished peaces that are in draft mode to be finished, by the end of the month or July, I'll surpass the last 3 yrs of posts. This snowball momentum is all thanks to all of you. Aside from the 33 [that apparently know how to follow directions :/ -------->] I have a few dozen phantom fans and ghosts followers. Thank you guys, for your side comments [just wish you would leave em on the actual blog page, is all.....please?]. They seriously blow the wind into my sails [PAUSE!!] and keep me moving when I don't feel like writing.

Ask these questions about your health, family, profession, finance, leisure, romance, travel, academics or whatever areas of life are important to you. I am soaring in certain areas but have done a complete 180 or 360 in others. Blogging is not the end all be all, but you guys should know my allergies to TMIatry by now. How does your halftime report look? What do Marv Albert, John Sally and Charles Barkley have to say about you?

Here's the most exciting part [YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY - GOOD NEWS!!] there still a full second half of game left to play [YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY - PLAY!!] Always set aside some time to reflect..............and SIGN UP AS A FOLLOWER dagnabbit! Help the movement! :D


M. said...

Look what I can do...

Anonymous said...

I love the picture you have on here. Do you know why? Today about 3 hours ago I was actually stretched out on the 50 yard line at Ford Field!

Regarding my goals...I must admit I'm not really on track:(