Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Yes Virginia, There ARE Stupid Questions!!"

Despite popular misconception, I'm here today to dispel this rumor: "there is no such thing as a stupid question."


Let the record show and forevermore reflect, this:
Stupid question: A stupid question is one where the answer is obvious.

I had a professor give the most uber articulate, linguistic ninjitsu of a lecture, but my entire class including his teaching assistant all knew his pedagogy and realized this lecture was pure, utter bullshit! However, in the audience of esteemed professionals and academics, not one person had a single question about this confusing oratory.................bc no one wanted to look stupid (I heard several attendees confess this to one another upon exiting the auditorium).

We live in a deceptively polite, amiable society that feels the need to pacify everyone, therefore we perpetrate a farce. We may not understand certain areas bc each of us has our own unique past, education, work and life experience, so the conversation may not necessarily be above your head, just parallel. Ppltend to speak in esoteric language that's common to one audience, but alien to you and I. We don't want to ask questions bc we don't want to feel or look stupid.....however, by doing so and willingly remaining ignorant, we make ourselves stupid on the subject matter.

So in case you're wondering what's the genesis of this sedulous diatribe, here's my most leastest favorite stupid question which was asked of me recently.
You: I can't find my (insert lost item)
Stupid question asker: Do you know/remember where you put it?
FARTBOX!! If I knew where I put it, it wouldn't exactly be lost, now would it!? (Funny thing, she'll never know I called her that. Like I said most of the ppl closest to me never read my blog). Am I the only one who wishes everything they own had a phone number, so you could just call it whenever you can't find it and follow the ringing or vibration? Here's a more intelligent question: WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU RECALL USING IT (I helped a friend find her bank card with this)? I wish ppl would just take a second to think first instead of listen, talk, hear, think (it's amazin how many ppl process operate in that exact order). Funny enough, if you stop, breathe and think, you can quench your inescapable desire to help in less bafoonic ways.
Sidenote: Here's how you can tell if you operate like that so you can prevent this and become a better listener. When talking to someone, do you pause after they speak and take time to digest or are you talking as soon as they stop, sometimes before? Are you actually listening when others speak or are you already formulating your retort?

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