Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are you suffering from "Recession Body?"

I've noticed a peculiar trend over the last year. All the ppl who I know to normally be health nuts, fit freaks, gym rats, diet natzis have all slipped and slacked off. Myself included. Could this be another adverse affect of the recession?

"Recession Body" Diagnosis:
  • Are ppl spending less time in the gym bc they are spending more time at work?
  • Second jobs?
  • Job searching?
  • Are more ppl packing on pounds bc they are home and out of work?
  • Are more ppl canceling their gym membership to cut corners in an attempt to save money?
  • Are ppl generally less happy, and thus unmotivated to work out?
  • Are ppl just so stressed that they are drawn to worry about more pressing matters than their physique?
I had to give myself a stern reminder, my whole get it shape campaign was by no means cosmetically motivated. I actually went through some serious series of events and health issues (I'll stop there in the name of TMIatry) that made me undergo a serious life and health overhaul and think of my life/health in the long run.

The thought first occurred to me during Carnival bc number one, I was not content with how I looked (never again!) and two, a lot of ppl who normally take Carnival serious and go all out to get in shape for it.........for lack of a better word, fell off.

Well fortunately here are two great motivators for fitness: New Years, and the one currently upon us, WARM WEATHER!!! There's just something about warm weather that just makes ppl want to get naked. And with much skin exposed, comes much responsibility. The weather hit 60 in NYC last weekend and you would have sworn it was 80. Ride that momentum and let it take you out of your current slump. The economy may be in shambles, but must you be? If the country is on the up and up towards recovery, how about you?


Anonymous said...

hahaahaa! Word up. Gotta get my ass in the gym.

R said...

me too!