Sunday, March 7, 2010

Favorite song in the world right now: Careful - Lil Bitts/ Satellite - DMB

At any given time I always have a hyper hype-up song and a slow smooth song that I consider my favorite songs in the world at that particular given time. It just so happens, that this week both of them happen to be both Soca, so in Socanese, that translates into "Road March Tune" and "Groovy Tune" (sometimes pronounced "chune." "CH" enunciation is also acceptable. I have a lot of very well educated friends, can't say "Tuesday" to save their infants life, its a cultural thing).

Hype up song - "Palance" by JW and Blaze
Every year there's a debate which song is going to win Soca Monarch or the Roach March for Carnival. This year, unquestionably, one song irrefutably mashed every Fete and the two days on the road in Trinidad Carnival. Palance in it of itself, needs its own blog. Seriously and truly (which essentially mean the same thing, but we like coupling them for literary theatrical purposes.......and yes we refer to ourselves in the pluralar from time to time - straight english language masacration.....and NO spellcheck! I wont capitalize "english" HMPH!....I digress) there is no video on youtube, google, msn or any other tube for that matter that will do justice to true Palancation. Much like The Matrix......"you must see it for yourself." The video comes about as close as you can get in 2 dimension, but MARK MY WORDS!!! YOU HAVE TO GO TO A SOCA FETE BEFORE 2O1O ENDS!! Bug you're west indian friends and tell em "I wanna go to a soca fete [pronounced fet]" they'll know what you're talking about. I wouldn't bother my Jamaican friends if I were you. There are very few that can tolerate soca for more than 15 minutes, if they do not absolutely abhor the music. You can try, you just may get a tainted view. So far, everyone I've converted to Soca, sans most Jamaicans, loves it.
I know a lot of ppl who blast "Eye of the Tiger" before work, meetings, presentations or the gym get them hyped and in the zone. I could easily press 300 lbs with this song in my ears.

I'll return to this video another post so we can discuss some of the blatant tomfoolery going on in this video.

Groovy "Chune" - "Careful "by Little Bitts

This song didn't really grab me in a fete or anything like that. It was more so one of those songs that sneak up on you during down time, either playing in a car or just on a cd while I'm at home blazaying or plotting world domination and various nefarious activities of the such. I literally woke up this morning with the single-minded intention of finding this song on one of my cd's and finding out who it was.

Official is cool, but I'm really feeling this unplugged version. She took it back to youtube webcam videos in messy bedrooms [sorry, but thats one of my pet peeves - if your going to do the whole set up of camera and computer, A:take the time to clean your room or B: throw the mess BEHIND the camera. My ex reminded me yesterday that I'm critical of details, yet within 2 minutes of seeing me for the first time in 2 yrs says "your shoe is scuffed" on the bottom front tip.........arse!].I love Little Bitts now. Her voice is so intoxicating to my ears. Nothing compares to raw vocals.

Sidenote: I had to really think long n hard to shape that last sentence bc I know the perverse would have had a field day.

Sidernote: I notice the sidenotes are starting to evolve into "insidenotes" as not to interrupt the thought or paragraph. I'mma have to start a "Save the Sidenote" foundation. Charitable contributions or in-kind donations are appreciated :)

Sidestenote: Honorable mention goes out to last weeks favorite song in the world right now, but I didnt post:

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