Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Flat Tire" and "Bail Money" Friends impairs our memories. When I was in high school, I had about 40 numbers memorized at the tip of my tongue at any given time. Now, if you lose you phone, you might as well be in a tunnel on Mars. Pop quiz: without looking at your phone, how many phone numbers do you know by heart? PS, you parents or home phone doesn't count. Don't cheat...well it doesn't really matter bc if you are cheating, its pretty self evident that you failed this little social experiment.
Here's a scary thought: What will you do if your cell phone dies, gets stolen, lost or is out of reach when you amidst an emergency?? Sure there are pay phones (CAN U BELIEVE THEY'RE 50 CENTS!!?) but it'll do you no good if you have no numbers to dial.

I had 5 numbers deliberately memorized. Matter of fact, up until recently, I didn't keep these numbers in any of my phones to force myself to memorize em. Since then, one has a new number, another doesn't talk to me anymore, so I have 3 numbers that I know by heart at any given time.

I call these my "Flat tire/Bail money" friends. The definition is pretty self explanatory: if I happened upon either of those instances at 3 in the morning, who are the three ppl I can call and count on that will help me out no questions ask, meet me on the side of the highway, pay my bail or find someone who will? Hopefully, everyone has at least 1-5 of these in their life. I have friends I hardly talk to day to day, but they know if they call me out of the blue and need something from me, I'm there and they have. If not, you might wanna step back, take a look and ask some hard questions about what you've been doing in your life.

Key take away! Never settle with one. Why? Ppl are fickle and unreliable by nature. And its not out of malice or any other ill intent, its just nature and circumstance. You might need a ride to the airport, they gotta work OT that night. Also, ppl and relationships change. I can't tell you how many women I knew who were like twins, run into them later and ask "how's so n so?" And their response is "[rolls eyes] THAT BITCH?! [Sucks teeth]"
"But love changes A thug changes And best friends become strangers"

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