Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why ppl invented "No Homo" and "PAUSE"

I agree that it CAN get ridiculous and out of hand sometimes [that's what she said! - which is essentially the same thing but its ok and accepted bc it's hetero and less urban] but there are many occasions when ppl just say some wild and easily taken out of context statements.
Sidenote: I love when these complete strangers proceed to tell me so definitively about myself. I thought sister Cleo was a fraud, but clearly this confident summmmmbitch knows me pretty darn well. I hate being told what to do! That'll more so turn me off from buying it.
Here's yet another comical infomercial courtesy of the "ShamWOW" guy. Listen to the comment at the 0:54 mark. I had to replay this one over and over for almost a good 2 minutes. You have to ask yourself, can these blatantly obvious innuendos be oversights of naivety, or is there some colossal inside joke that someone is rolling over laughing at somewhere? I'm inclined to think the latter.

Sidenote: Why do I always post so much on Thursdays? Hmmmmmm....


Kari L. Brown said...

Did he tell us to stop having a boring life!? LMBO!

R said...

I'M SAYING!!!!!!!! I mean I thought my life was pretty darn invigorating when I woke up this morning but apparently shamWOW over here holds us to a higher standard. Now I really need to re-analyze what I'm doing with my life :(