Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Racism in America 3

Sidenote: I know, I know, but I couldn't help hold this one back. It'll be a quickie.
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Racism in America/ Black Eye of the Tiger 2

Black Eye of the Tiger


Racism in America

This health care bill is really devouring talk radio, news stations and turning the uninformed masses to madness. I still hold it under the microscope so I'll hold off on my ticker tape parade. I'm a Chronic line-in-between reader and master of connect the dottitry.
Sidenote= connect the dots lalalala is one of the greatest songs to sing ever bc of its gratuitous usage of lalalala.
Ppl always talk about "bringing america back." back to what? a time when you can burn, beat, lynch and hang, not necessarily in that order, black ppl and the law did nothing about it? a time when rape was something ppl looked the other way to? a time when women only had a "place" in the home and kitchen? a time when a person had to live their life in secrecy bc of their sexuality? a time when you could beat the crap out of your wife and kids to no reciprocity? a time when blacks, asians, latinos and anyone one darker than a khaki off white hue were not allowed to work eat, or live in certain areas?
Sidenote: And then the socially oblivious wonder why ppl have such a problem with the confederate flag.
So when ppl say "bring back america" or "destroying america" what type of america are they talking about? What are they REALLY saying?


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