Saturday, March 27, 2010

Favorite Song in the World....Right Now - Slow Motion: Vybez

I been looking for the name for this backside song for a minute, but Vybez Kartel makes a new song every three days. I just remembered the melody, not any of the actual words. Trying to find a dancehall song from June 09, 9 months old, is like trying to find a book in the library using the card catolog........and you don't know the name of the book.
Sidenote: I don't mean in any way shape or form that this is a song about "booty." When I exclaim "backside" I'm not talking about derriere here. It's a West Indian epithet, for "blasted" "damn" or curse replacement. I confused the petuitaries out of someone the other day with his utility.

Sidernote: Blognote is being a backside now and not allowing me to edit my usual sidenote format.!

Doublesidednote: A: I’m mad at anyone who actually clicks on that url. It’s my personality; I make things up and take no responsibility for whatever you may find there. B: Don’t get confused, stay with me here. Yes I used backside (as in the derriere) as a noun. Before it was an adjective. Different context here. Check the context!

WARNING!! Stay away from me when I’m really feeling a song. I have no problem repeating the song all day everyday….for days on end. And I will embed it in your head as well.


kevin said...

hay RAn its kev yhea i love this song, thankx again for the pic

R said...

No problem mon!