Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tiger should sing

Seriously. It's bad enough that this whole ordeal has visibly aged the man considerably (either that or his makeup staff bailed on him too) but now there's all this speculation and questions as to whether he will play again, will he compete at the same level, etc? My question is, why do we hold celebrities on such high pedestals first of all, second, why do we hold different types of celebrities to different standards?

My only guess in Tigers fatal flaw is that like everything else he does, Tiger went big. He's not the first man to cheat, nor celebrity......however.............the way the "cats" came out the bag was essentially similar to the difference btwn catching a homicide, vs. a serial killer. You'll get some time if you shot someone......but if we find 19 skulls in your fridge and 24 bodies buried in your back yard, the authorities kinda gotta make a statement. I mean ppl are accused of things all the time, but hardly with so much hard evidence: txt msgs, photo txts, voice messages "H, H, HELLO? THIS IS TIGER" has to be my favorite. Spit out your social security while your at it. If he was this sloppy, how did he not get caught sooner? His wife had to have known, but it gets kinda hard to cover up when have to file a police report bc you crash into a tree and your wife went upside your head with a 5 iron.

He should have sang. We forgive singers all the time. The way things are going for Brittany Spears, ppl tend to forget that not too long ago she was bald, showing her twat and endangering her child, make K-Fed look like father of the year. R. Kelly was "accused" of "allegedly" doing such n such with underage girls, but the trial seemed to delay every time he dropped an album. Chris Brown dropped "Crawl" and a few other songs and its like the photo of Rihanna, beat like she fought Floyd Mayweather, never existed.

Even politicians today don't have the immunity of singers and songstress'. These politicians would not have survived the career of Ted Kennedy, letting little things like "affairs" and "scandals" and "misappropriation of power and funds" slow you down or end your career. "Oh nooooooo. I cheated on my wife. I gotta quit now." BOOOO!!! WEAK! Or perhaps times have changed and Kennedy, in his prime, wouldn't last against today's metrics?

If Tiger Woods were to drop a song right now, and feature some of today's artists, (I'm thinking Chris Brown, Rihanna, Keri Helson, Nikki Manage, Drake, T-Pain), perhaps remake a classic, like "Redemption Song" (appropriate choice) over a hot beat....Tiger will be swinging the right clubs again in no time.


ThripleThreat said...

I do think the media should let the man live. Yeah cheating is bad, but I watch him to play golf...that that's it and his personal life can stay just that...personal. But I think the main reason why the whole thing blew up so big was because of his wholesome persona. It's crazy when you have this squeaky clean family man pop up with 20 mistresses. Singers don't usually have this image so when crazy stuff happens with them it's easier to accept and move on from. Now if one of the Jonnas brothers did something like that I guarantee it would be as big as this whole Tiger Woods drama.

R said...

HOLY 9-IRON! DAZZLING DEDUCTION BATMAN!! I'd have to agree with you on on all points.