Monday, March 22, 2010

Posteriorities - Procastinate on Purpose

I never even knew this was an actual word until I heard the concept from Brian Tracey.
To paraphrase him, we all know what PRIORITIES are, simply things that are important that need to be done urgently and need serious attention. So its not tooooo hard to guest what POSTERIORITIES are (PRIOR vs POST, come on, you remember root words right?) simply things of LESS importance that can wait and in all likely hood you should do less of, later..........if at all.

This is such a profound concept to take ownage of and utilize hand in hand with priorities. A wise classmate of mine Kevin Kedroe, once told me (mind you, I was a full time student, with a job, commuting, president of 3 organizations and couldn't give up my social life if you paid me....and they did, but I didn't) "you can do ANYTHING, but you can't do EVERYTHING" and he's absolutely right. When you try do do everything, by default, you will neglect ppl, things, and in many instance, the very ppl and things that require the most attention.

Use this concept to procrastinate on purpose. Just as you write a TO DO list, write a DON'T DO list. Post it somewhere visible as a reminder of things you should do less of, if at all. Saying this to say, I'm 10 days from my elephantine project, The National Society of Black Engineers Annual Convention. This was a huge undertaking bc its the organizations first annual convention outside of the US, so with it came a barrage of obstacles never seen before by the organization. Something I've been actively, adamantly working on as the Director of Programs for the last 2 yrs, almost. So unfortunately......... blogging is now on my DONT DO list for the next two weeks. Probably should have been sooner, but writing is often my solace and I can't go a week anymore without gettin cuss out for not posting, SO YOU'VE BEEN FORMALLY NOTIFIED! There's a couple new blogs so I left enough water and food in the fridge. Stagger and ration em!

I'll post again when my page is updated so you guys get a better picture of what I've been up to, but the planning has gone well.

Wish me well and good luck as I sign off to the land of execution.
Sidenote to self: Upon return, write why "Moder Warfare 2 is crack," "Why Souljah Boy is the truth," aka that dude, and FINALLY get to this "Why 300 is the bestessest movie of all time" bc a non-believe shed doubt.


your friend, shortgrumpygirl said...

I am disappointed that this entry was not about butts.

Anonymous said...

I find ur blog very entertaining and imma ration this $#% out. Haa anyhoo, yes, hate to admit that I find souljah boy's Swagg On song to actually be motivational. I think it has a total of maybe 8 words -- bold, with a hint of ignint, but it works. Bout to put this comment on my posteriorities list and go to bed. Have a fun and successful event!
_en oh ara ay

R said...

LOL, sorry grumpy. I will be sure to put up a post about butts....and i cannot lie.

It took me a second to figure out who anonymous was but you cryptic signature did it for me. Say what you want, but that ignant little kid is taking the bank and beyond.